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A team of innovative digital marketers
Godwin Direct Inc. sources unique health and beauty products from around the world and brings them to the U.S. market via digital marketing initiatives.
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1515 Dettrick Ave,
Deland, FL. 32724

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Our Office
Our office was just remodeled! It has fun areas for creative people to work. It is truly a space we enjoy being every day.
Our Warehouse
5000 square foot of warehouse space allows us to hold products and ship orders ourselves.
Our Town
Our office is located in North Deland. A small town with a quaint downtown that is growing. It is close to Orlando and Daytona with the added bonus of no traffic.
We build sales funnels that convert and wow customers

Facebook Media Buyers

We are skilled Facebook media buyers that focus on scaling Facebook ads, by using specific targeting and creative Ad creation. 

Email Automation

Email campaigns and sequences are created to promote relevant content and promotions. 


We market products listed on Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Shopify stores.


We believe everything we do we can do better. We are continuously testing our ads, pages and websites to find ways to increase conversions.
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Digital Marketing: The Simple, Yet Most Powerful Way To Launch Products

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